Our Public Nudity Videos

What persons do in a public place, or where the public is invited to be present, is not protected by any right of privacy or expectation of privacy. This is especially true if the person is attracting attention to themselves by nudity or other expression. USBikerParties.com believes that all persons have the right to express themselves in this manner and make any statement in public they choose.

USBikerParties.com does not use hidden cameras and openly displays cameras in any shootings. We always try to document what occurs accurately and without intent to harm anyone.

Case law and legal opinions support the position that a person who is attracting attention to themselves while in a public place may be photographed. Examples include both surveillance cameras and news shows such as 60 Minutes that use hidden cameras and "surprise attack" interviews. Certainly, the display nudity in public is newsworthy and of public interest.

"Newsworthy" is the basis for protection under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The concept is that the public has the right to know what occurs, especially, if it is on government property or in a place that the public is invited to be. USBikerParties.com pictures and videos are "documentary" in style in that there is no "staging," "directing," or "script" that is followed. The videos present true life occurrences and tell the story of what tapers actually see at an event. As such, they are protected by the Constitution and by case law as both "newsworthy" and documentary footage.

It is the intent of USBikerParties.com that the footage that is provided will occasion changes in the society and result in more freedoms regarding public nudity and other individual freedoms. Perhaps, individuals will be inspired by what they see other do, and will enrich their personal lives by not being limited by unwarranted societal rules and expectations. Perhaps, the society itself will change to be more tolerant of individual behaviors and less judgmental of actions that do not cause any harm. If our documentary news coverage has this effect, or if even one individual gives it serious thought, then we have been a success.